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Renewables. Delivered.

Our experts can help add low-cost renewable energy to your portfolio.

Edison Energy’s experienced in-house team works with you to identify, analyze and execute off-site renewable energy opportunities so you get the low-cost energy you need to mitigate price risks and achieve your sustainability goals.


Custom criteria profile: We work with each customer to develop their specific selection and valuation criteria for an off-site renewable energy supply. This ensures that internal and external stakeholders’ needs are met.

Comprehensive market access: The Altenex Marketplace connects you to the off-site renewable energy project developers that make the most sense for your business, based on your energy usage, risk tolerance and selection criteria

Best-in-class analytics: We analyze more than 100 layers of performance and risk data for every renewable energy project we consider

Proven track record: We have helped customers execute more than 1.4 gigawatts (GW) of off-site renewable energy transactions, ranging from 1 to 228 MW of off-site renewables

Strategic approach: We align your energy needs and enterprise objectives against a range of off-site renewable energy options, then help you set appropriate goals and design and implement a renewables strategy that saves money and mitigates risk across your overall energy portfolio

PowerBloks: Our unique, innovative approach to structuring right-sized renewable energy supply has revolutionized off-site renewable energy. Edison Energy offers smaller and shorter-duration renewable energy off-take agreements.

Long-term support: Long-term invoicing and settlement support ensure you’re receiving the energy and environmental performance you have contracted


off-site renewable energy

Cost savings: Off-site renewable energy is progressively becoming less expensive than buying from the grid

Risk protection: Adding renewable energy to your portfolio reduces energy price volatility and addresses any current or future regulatory requirements

Sustainability: Renewables reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are a cornerstone of corporate sustainability engagement and strategies

Risk mitigation: Long-term renewables protects your company against price volatility risk

What Makes Us Different?

Deep analytics: We provide the most sophisticated analytics suite around renewable energy anywhere in the market. This ensures optimal risk management and financial valuation.

Comprehensive access: The Altenex Marketplace is a proprietary, dynamic database of every renewable energy project in North America that gives you access to every potential option

Independence: We’re a third-party advisor that can look across the entire landscape of suppliers, developers and projects and make fully-independent assessments

Innovation: From our analytics suite to our proprietary renewables contract to our PowerBloks PPA, we continue to expand what’s possible in renewables

Track record: We have helped customers execute more renewable energy procurements than any other service provider.

Off-site Renewable Energy is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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