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Complexity, delegated.

We manage the complexity, risk and change in today’s energy market for you.

Let Edison Energy manage energy services across all your facilities so you can focus on your business. We can make it as simple as one bill nationally — below your current spending level — with full transparency.


Delegated energy spend: Partnering with Edison Energy means we manage energy services for your energy spend, enterprise-wide. We analyze usage, costs, regulations and incentives across all your facilities. We prioritize which technologies should be deployed over time, and where. We make it our mission to reduce your energy costs.

Consolidated: The typical enterprise does not have a large enough energy team to effectively track all the potentially important technology, market and policy trends. The solution is to roll your complex energy management tasks into one operation by delegating everything to a partner focused on your goals. We’ll manage energy services in every aspect of your energy portfolio, taking advantage of the value available in the marketplace. And, we’ll be fully transparent about your options, risks and benefits.

Partner for capital investing: We use third party capital to make investments to manage energy services usage and costs, and we only profit from finding savings for you.

Predictable pricing: Managed Energy Services is a framework for committed outcomes. Contracts are typically structured to ensure predictability in cost structure for today and tomorrow.

Flexible scope: You decide the scope of the relationship. Whether you want to outsource just a small piece — such as lighting — or your full energy spend, we are ready to help you achieve your goals.


Cost savings
: In an environment where electricity prices have grown and are expected to continue to grow by more than three percent per year, we identify ways to reduce energy costs — typically by 30-50% over the next 10 years

Simplicity: We shield you from all the complexity of energy management — technical, engineering, regulatory and market — by assuming responsibility for energy procurement, management and delivery. You simply pay for the energy you use.

Resilience, predictability and sustainability: We deliver predictability in cost, quality and resiliency for your energy. And, solutions are specifically designed to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Accelerated innovation: We drive energy investments to strategically reduce energy spend. We typically deploy energy assets faster, compared to internal programs, and deploy them flexibly to adapt to new technologies and capabilities over time.

What Makes Us Different?

Independent: We don’t manufacture products and are entirely independent, so we provide unbiased recommendations based solely on your requirements.

Committed outcomes: We are ready to take over portions or all your energy spend and ensure cost savings are achieved.

Information-driven: We use vast databases of tariffs, technologies, incentives, off-site renewable projects and real-time pricing by settlement location. We leverage unique information technologies and the Altenex Marketplace™ to let data drive solutions.

Comprehensive: Experienced in market, regulatory, supply and demand technologies, we are able to prioritize what projects make sense in which geographies over time.

Pioneering: Inspired by our 130-year history, Edison Energy holds expertise in both traditional and cutting-edge energy technology.

Emerging vendor business model seeks to simplify customer relationships

“Managed Energy Services Business Model

Managed Energy Services is just one of the many solutions Edison Energy offers to benefit your organization. We believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue — contact us today to connect with one of our energy experts.

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