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In an energy marketplace that’s more complex, competitive and fragmented than ever before, the ability of your enterprise to navigate the rapidly-changing landscape impacts not just short-term costs but your long-term business competitiveness.

From changing regulations to new technologies and evolving business models, making the right energy decisions requires insight and experience to identify trends, manage risk and seize opportunities in a fast changing environment. It’s complex, even for the largest and most advanced users of energy.
At Edison Energy, we offer an approach that brings you vast energy expertise, national scale and the strategic focus necessary to help you take full advantage of the value available in the energy marketplace — today and into the future. We have the capabilities, resources and experience to help make your business more successful.
Acting in a true advisory role, Edison Energy serves you through a dynamic, energy-as-a-service model, delivering tailored solutions for the unique needs and goals of your organization. By taking a broad, enterprise-wide view, we can help you lower costs, improve returns, create consistency and, finally, tap into a simpler way to turn energy into value.


  • More complex
  • Increasingly volatile
  • Full of rapidly evolving technology choices
  • Becoming socially significant
  • Lower costs
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
  • Scale to support whole enterprise
Our Differences

Key elements to help simplify the world of


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At Edison Energy, our focus is helping clients access the full value available in the changing landscape of energy.

It starts with dialogue between our team and you. Working with an in-depth understanding of your business, how you use energy today and your future needs, we can develop a rapid diagnostic of your entire energy landscape.

Using advanced tools and analytics, we link this with our unrivalled insights into energy markets, technology trends, regulatory regimes and industry best practices to develop an integrated Strategy Roadmap specific to your enterprise.

Our expertise, capabilities and alliances across the energy spectrum enable us to deliver and integrate every aspect of an energy solution for our clients — reducing costs, boosting returns, improving sustainability and simplifying energy across the entire enterprise.

Tangible Benefits

We offer the largest energy users solutions that consistently lower cost, simplify operations and help deliver compliance and sustainability goals across the enterprise.

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icon Lower energy costs
Lower Costs
icon Predictability in pricing
Predictable Pricing
icon Improved resiliency
Improved Resiliency
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How We Work With You:
Our Offerings

Energy Strategy

The simplest and fastest way for you to identify value for the new energy future.

Our Master Energy Plan and Realization Roadmap™ pinpoints options, analyzes risk, prioritizes actions and lays out the practical implementation steps most relevant to creating value in your business.

Our Energy Strategy offerings include:

Energy Solutions

Putting potential into practice, we can execute all elements of your Roadmap across your enterprise, bringing you a portfolio of prioritized solutions and projects that meet your unique needs.

From energy saving programs to on-site and off-site distributed generation to complete microgrids, we integrate best-in-market solutions to deliver value, consistency and reduced risk for your business.

Our Energy Solutions offerings include:



Energy Partnerships

Energy is our business and what we focus on every day.

We develop integrated solutions through long-term, collaborative alliances with clients, enabling you to focus on your core business, while we manage your energy, reducing complexity and maximizing value.

From managing existing relationships and choices to complete coordination of all energy initiatives and operations, we create an integrated solution customized for you.

Our Energy Partnerships offerings include:


Download White Paper: The New Energy Future

White Paper: The New Energy Future — Challenges and Opportunities in Corporate Energy Management

Edison International published the results of its market insights study in this white paper. This research highlighted the challenges facing large energy users, including increasing complexity and cost, greater volatility, rapidly evolving technology choices and increasing environmental concerns.

> Download our White Paper

Download White Paper: The $80 Billion Energy Savings Opportunity

White Paper: The $80 Billion Energy Savings Opportunity at Commercial and Industrial Organizations

This white paper presents a macro-level view of how much energy organizations in the U.S. use, and examples how the largest energy users throughout the C&I sector can save significant amounts of money on their energy costs.

> Download our White Paper

Our Clients

At Edison Energy, our focus is on meeting the needs of the largest energy users in the nation, from commercial and industrial organizations to large-scale institutions.

Counting one in four of the Fortune 50 companies among our clients means our portfolio of solutions and nationwide resources can support the most complex and diverse clients across their entire enterprise.

The solutions we devise are as diverse and specialized as the large energy users we serve. Following are Case Studies across a variety of industries, highlighting the outcomes we helped produce with our clients.

Our Heritage

Edison Energy is a business created to meet the needs of the new energy future, while drawing on more than 130 years of energy and utility experience as part of Edison International.

Integrating the capabilities of three of today’s leading and most dynamic energy service providers, and some of the most experienced and respected talent in the industry, we offer an entirely new approach to help the largest users of energy take full advantage of the value available from The New Energy Future.

Our Parent Company

Edison Energy is part of Edison International (NYSE:EIX), one of the nation’s leading energy suppliers with revenues in excess of $11B and more than 12,000 employees. Through its subsidiaries, it generates and distributes electric power and provides products to meet the needs of an ever-changing energy marketplace.

> Visit Edison International

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Altenex develops best-in-class renewable energy strategies and procurement programs to help companies and institutions identify, analyze and execute renewable energy suppliers that meet their economic, risk and sustainability criteria. Through its proprietary Market Access Platform of over 500 renewable energy developers — representing more than 4,500 unique wind, solar, biomass, landfill gas and hydro projects — providers compete for your business on your terms and at the lowest level of risk.

Delta Energy Services provides comprehensive strategic energy supply and advisory services for commercial and industrial energy consumers. Delta collaborates with clients to make enterprise wide strategic energy procurement decisions, using a proprietary energy management platform and price analytics to hone in on the optimal portfolio of supply, risk and rate options while also ensuring utility bill accuracy and efficient capture of all utility bill data.

ENERActive Solutions is an independent, full-service energy consulting, engineering and project development firm specializing in energy efficiency project analysis, design, development and implementation; building system optimization; power generation solutions; and environmental performance.

Together with Edison Energy’s pioneering consulting and holistic approach to energy management and program execution, we absorb the complexities of sustainable energy economics to solve even the most intricate energy challenges of large commercial, industrial and institutional organizations.


Edison Energy is an independent advisory and services company with the capabilities to develop and integrate an array of energy solutions across supply and demand for the largest energy users nationwide.

We work at the intersection of technology, policy, engineering, business and environmental objectives to enable clients to take full advantage of the value available to them in the energy marketplace today — and in the future.

Our heritage, resources, experience and entrepreneurial business model enable us to deliver the insights, integration and Portfolio Advisory approach to help make energy simple again.

Our Leadership Team

Jay Zoellner

Chief Executive Officer
Edison Energy

Steven D. Eisenberg

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Edison Energy

Mark C. Clarke

Vice President, Controller, and Treasurer
Edison Energy

Paula Mattson

Vice President, Marketing and Sales Support
Edison Energy

Lloyd J. MacNeil

General Counsel
Edison Energy

Rob Federighi

Vice President, Integrated Sales
Edison Energy

Rob Miller

Managing Director, Digital Solutions
Edison Energy

Duncan McIntyre


Justin McMaster

Delta Energy Services

Dan Weeden

ENERActive Solutions

Tina Daoussis

Director, Information Technology
Edison Energy

Power a bright future

Edison Energy is growing and we need experienced team members to help shape a new energy future. Our success is built on the creativity, commitment and the intellectual capital our team brings to our clients. We are constantly looking to add ambitious, highly intelligent and inventive people to our organization.


If you have a strong background meeting the needs of large, complex clients in energy, renewables, engineering or consulting services, we would like to hear from you. Let’s redefine energy together.



Let’s talk energy

We at Edison Energy believe that smart energy solutions start with a dialogue. So we invite you to start the conversation. Contact us with questions or requests and, while you’re here, sign up to receive our newsletter, where you’ll find news and perspectives on the whole range of topical energy issues.

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